About Me
My name is Don Hannah, and I have been in both residential and commercial construction for over 33 years.      I was licensed as a General Building Contractor in San Francisco, California in 1977.  I owned my own construction company in the Bay area for 14 years and did all types of construction from remodeling residential homes and commercial buildings to new construction of residential homes and commercial buildings. 

My wife and I then moved to Bozeman, Montana where I completed a 141 home subdivision with 6.2 acres of light commercial called Sundance Springs.  In 1989 we moved to Phoenix, Arizona where for the first 6 years I worked for Kitchell Custom Homes and for the next 2 years I worked for Salcito Custom Homes.  I am currently working for myself doing business as Don Hannah Construction Consulting.

As a Construction Consultant I provide a wide variety of construction services including mediation and arbitration of construction disputes.  Teaching, coaching, mentoring, and just being of service to others has long been my passion.  I have a unique perspective on construction management and what makes construction successful or not because I have I been a General Building Contractor, Construction Manager, and a Mediation and Arbitration for construction disputes for over 33 years.  This unique combination has given me the experience to learn where construction problems start and how to avoid them.

I can help you set up your remodeling or new construction project properly from the start so it runs smoothly and is completely successful.  Your project can be completed on time, on budget, with good quality, and be dispute free.  Plus, I can save you many thousands of dollars.  
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