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There are two distinctly different cost categories in construction.  The first is construction Estimating, and the second is Construction Bidding or Job Pricing.  Both are essential to the process, but their purpose and timing are entirely different from each other.

The sole purpose of estimating is to "ball park" the cost of your project before you start so you know if you can afford what your hoping to build.  But because you can't estimate something from nothing, you and your architect have to commit to the size and concept of your home.  By the size I mean the square footage.  By concept I mean drawings or photos of the basic style and design as shown from the front, side, and rear of your home. 

Even though estimating is only a "ball park" figure remember it is an essential step!  Be conservative!  When you're confident your costs are going to be in the right "ball park" to afford your new home you can proceed.  Do not proceed until then!!!  The next step is to have  your architect start a complete set of "Construction Drawings & Specifications".  Construction Drawings and Specifications become a significant part of the legal foundation of your project.  You also need them  in order to submit your project for a Building Permit, and to obtain construction bids on your home.

Construction bidding is the second cost category that must be completed properly before any building starts.  This step is crucial because construction bids are where the rubber meets the road.  Your subcontractor's and vender's pricing/bids must be accurate and include all the work each Subcontractor and Vender will be required to fully complete on your home.  The level to which you successfully accomplish this is the level to which you will be protected from unexpected costs and cost over-runs.

If my 35 years of building and arbitration experience has taught   me anything, it is that Construction Estimating and Construction Bidding are the key pivotal points where all building projects either end up successful or not.  Always remember the success or failure  of a building project is almost always determined by how well it's budget has been estimated, and how well it has been "set up" / "priced" before any construction starts!  
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