Whether you have just bought a house, are strongly considering buying a specific house, or are considering remodeling a house,     I can help determine if there is any damage requiring repair,and     if so, what it may cost.  In addition, if you want to remodel any part of the house, I can estimate or bid that cost also.

If there is existing damage, I can determine what type of damage   it is.  Is the damage structural, functional, or cosmetic?  Does the damage need to be fixed right away or can you wait until later. 

Structural damage usually needs to be dealt with fairly quickly.    An example of structural damage would be dry rot in the plywood roof sheathing due to a past or current leak in the roof.   

Functional damage may or may not be structural, but usually needs to be fixed quickly also.  It means something is not working properly.  An example of functional damage would be a broken light switch or a hot water heater that is not working properly.  

Cosmetic items are what their name implies, and are neither structural or functional.  An example of a cosmetic item would be the grout in the tiles of a kitchen counter that is dirty or cracked. The kitchen counter still functions and is structurally sound.  You may not like how it looks, but no immediate work is required. 

I can help you list and categorize any problems a home may have into either structural, functional, or cosmetic, and then estimate the cost of each item.  And I can help prioritize which problems need to be fixed immediately or can wait until some time in the future.
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