Building your new home or remodeling your existing one can be a very rewarding challenge and save you tens of thousands of dollars. But the  likelyhood of completing your project without either construction disputes or money problems is slim indeed, if your construction project has not been set up properly and professionally from the start.

Construction on the one hand is primarily a management  task and can  be learned by anyone with good general management skills.  But on    the other hand, it is a complex management  task requiring specific knowledge of construction estimating, bidding, scheduling, building codes, construction contracts, quality control,and safety.   So, no matter
how good a manager you are in your area of expertise, there are many specific professional aspects of construction you must know if you want to successfully complete a home.  

As a licensed builder of 35 years and the Arizona State Representative for CDRS (Construction Dispute Resolution Services) doing construction dispute mediation and arbitration, I would be remiss to give anyone advice that leads them into a construction project poorly prepared.

I'm not trying to discourage you from being your own building contractor. You can be the General Contractor, and you can be successful and save tens of thousands of dollars. But get  the professional help required to set up your building project correctly from the start
My consulting services can save you many thousands of dollars and be your best source for professional construction help 
Owner Builder Assistance
  • Estimate your project accurately before you start  building so you don't  financially hurt or potentially bankrupt yourself
  • Set up an easy to use software program which accurately tracks all your costs including change orders.  Know if your costs are on budget and where you are having over-runs. 
  • Get effective Subcontractor contracts that fully protect you from unfair change orders and construction disputes.
  • Get good construction bids that price out your project completely!    Get bids that have everything included in their pricing!  Not getting  comprehensive construction bids is the most prevalent  and costly  mistake made in building - even by experienced builders
  • Set up a workable schedule so your subs are available when needed
  • Learn to fairly and effectively manage the quality of your home
  • Accurately estimated your home before you start anything
  • Accurately bid your home's cost  before any building starts
  • Have usable accounting system
  • Have an effective construction contract for your full protection
  • Learned how to get the quality you want
  • Have a workable scheduling plan
  • Have effective dispute resolution services available - immediately
Enjoy building your new dream home or remodeling project:

!!!Save Thousands !!!
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