Blair Fulton:  "I was most pleased and fortunate to have had Don at the helm    of my extensive remodeling project.  Don balanced the many pressures and difficulties very smoothly and positively.  At no point were my plans or the quality of construction compromised in any way.  I highly recommend Don Hannah."
Testimonials & Recommendations
Letter of appreciation - John Kitchell - Kitchell Custom Homes to Don Hannah
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Doug Scribner:  "Thank you for the fine job you did building our home.  It was   truly a High Quality job!  You were always helpful and courteous no matter how many questions or concerns we had.  We enjoy showing off our new home to all our friends.  You are a fine man and I sincerely appreciate your friendship and integrity."
Charles and Delores Bailey: "Don Hannah built our 6,000 square foot office building, which we named the Orchard Building, on time, on budget, and with     the highest quality workmanship.  These three components are essential for         a successful construction project, and all three were done well on our project.    We recommend that you contact Don Hannah for any project that you build."
Carol DeBello:  "During construction I found Don Hannah to be most helpful and cooperative.  The home's progress proceeded in a timely fashion and, as in any construction project, this is extremely important.  Don   was extremely responsive to all my questions, changes, and issues regarding our home.  Of equal concern        is the quality of work.  Don and all of his employees were most thorough and careful during all aspects of the construction of our new home.  I can recommend Don Hannah without reservation or hesitation."
Fred and Palmer Strauss:  "Don worked hand in hand with the architect, and always interacted in a truly professional and caring manner.  The architect, Don, Don's crew, and ourselves all worked together closely   and cooperatively to produce a truly beautiful home.   We highly recommend Don Hannah Construction."
Dave Fulton:  "Don has been a God send to me.  As most of us know there are many unscrupulous builders who are not completely honest and don't really care about the people they work for.  But Don is a truly honest and caring person.  In addition, he is completely competent in the building profession.  His remodeling work on my San Francisco home was perfect.  This home had not been remodeled in the entire 114 years since it was originally built in 1896.  It was an extremely challenging and demanding project, and Don did a truly fine job.  If   I ever have any building needs in the future I will call Don without any hesitation!" 
Rich and Carol Stiener:   "My wife Carol and I are starting a manufactured log cabin sales business in Sonoma County, California, and hired Don Hannah Construction to build our first business prototype log home.  This home is also our personal residence and will serve as our model show home for future sales.  Don did a wonderful job!  The quality of construction exceeded our expectations.  He proved that he is trustworthy and easy to work with.   We both highly recommend Don Hannah to anyone building a home, and we will use him on all of our upcoming log homes."  

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